Through our books, to teach children about a variety of social issues, including adoption, animal abuse, body image, disabilities, racism, sexism, and much more.


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In the summer of 2009, Savy & Lola, two dog lovers from Chicago, had the idea to create a book that taught kids social issues through a dog's perspective. By the winter of 2016, that idea had grown into a series of books, each featuring a different dog from a shelter--who has either found, or is still seeking, their forever home--and a stuffed animal to pair with each book. 

Right now, our goal is to tell the stories of real dogs from shelters throughout the country. Once we are operating at a net profit, our plan is to give back by donating around 10% of our profits to a variety of animal shelters that need our help.

To raise awareness about the importance of adopting animals from shelters, and to share the stories of animals who have gone through the shelter system.

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Through our stuffed animals, to create lifelong friends for dog-loving kids everywhere.