Just Me, Wrigley signed paperback

Just Me, Wrigley signed paperback


Wrigley loves to dance--she can shake her tail all around the animal shelter! But for some people, Wrigley's rhythm isn't enough. Wrigley is a mutt; no one knows what breed she is, or where she is from. While people visit the shelter searching for labs or schnauzers or Dalmatians, Wrigley wonders when it will be her turn. When will someone want a dancing dog? A dog who doesn't know what kind she is...she's just Wrigley!

This story and its discussion questions deal with the topics of identity, bullying, and discrimination. It also addresses the topic of not adopting a dog until you're sure you're ready for one, and not giving other people dogs as gifts.

The book is an 8x8 full-color illustrated paperback.

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