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“A series of books about dogs living in shelters, either looking for or finding their forever homes…such an amazing idea.”
— ALIVE Rescue
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“An endearing Kickstarter based on real dogs who have gone through shelters.”
— Good Dog in a Box
“These heartwarming books tell the stories of shelter dogs and their journey to their forever homes. Please consider donating to their Kickstarter to help them tell more dog adoption stories!”
— The Anti-Cruelty Society
“One of our very own Creative Writing Workshop Teaching Artists is raising funds to launch her book series, the Furever Home Friends!”
— Open Books
“Savy Leiser has come up with a fun and clever way to help dogs in shelters.”
— My Puppy Club
“What every child needs. Kid friendly, but they still show the real-life aspect of how not every animal’s life starts out perfect.”
— Candace Robinson (author of Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault and book blogger at Literary Dust)
“This series is a brilliant idea…My children enjoyed hearing Allee and Chewie’s stories.”
— Krissy Belden, mom & blogger at Krissy's Book Nook
“The Furever Home Friends series is special in the fact that not only are the books adorable and funny, they educate children about these dogs and the importance of rescuing dogs in shelters.”
— Chelsea Lauren, author: Underneath the Whiskey & Winter Neverland
“I am so impressed with this book, and think that Savy Leiser did such an amazing job putting it together!! I highly recommend it!”
— Donna Weiss, blogger & book reviewer at BookDragonGirl