The Dogs

Learn more about each of our characters--and the real dogs they're based on!



Allee is a black lab living in the suburbs of Chicago. Even though she's a puppy in her book, Princess Allee, real-life Allee is now eleven years old!

Despite Allee's rocky start--when she was a puppy, she was abandoned in the woods before being taken in by an animal shelter--Allee has always acted like a little diva dog! Allee loves wearing her pink sparkly collar, and making lots of noise until she's the center of attention! For fun, Allee likes playing tug-of-war with her siblings. She'd love to be your friend furever!



Chewie is a pit bull mix living on the North Side of Chicago. Before moving into an animal shelter, younger Chewie suffered abuse, resulting in scars on his face and behind his ears. Regardless, Chewie has a ton of self-confidence, and LOVES to smile for the camera!

In addition to modeling on his dog Instagram, @thischarmingchewie, Chewie enjoys chasing squeaky toys, playing monkey-in-the-middle with his humans, and making the cutest faces he can until his family gives him people food. He'd love to be your friend furever!



Wrigley is a mutt of unknown origin living in the north suburbs of Chicago. She loves dancing with her dad and causing general mischief!

Wrigley first showed her love for dancing when she tried to impose on a father-daughter wedding dance practice by adding her own moves.

Her book is now available! Wrigley would love to be your friend furever!

Photo credit to ALIVE Rescue

Photo credit to ALIVE Rescue


Kringle was a pit bull mix from ALIVE Rescue in Chicago, IL. He showed everyone the power of Christmas magic when he arrived at the shelter on Christmas. Because he was deaf and could respond only to nonverbal communication, Kringle struggled to find the right home for him— until a group of shelter volunteers fell so in love with him they decided to adopt him themselves!

His book is now available! Celebrate the holidays with Kringle!